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Sign now: Urge President Biden to Reunite Families

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Central American immigrants wait to be taken into custody at the U.S.-Mexico border fence after crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico
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President Biden is currently reviewing possible executive orders around immigration and asylum. Please join PHR now and encourage President Biden to reunite families, end the family separation policy, and fully restore the right to seek asylum in the United States.

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Act now to end family separation and restore the right to seek asylum.
Dear President Biden,

I’m writing today to urge you to take executive action to address the ongoing crisis facing asylum seekers and their families at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Since 2018, Physicians for Human Rights has been advocating the for the end of Trump’s dangerous “zero tolerance” policy, the so-called Migrant Protection Protocols and more. These policies have had tragic consequences and directly led to the endangerment of thousands already fleeing terrible persecution and violence and to the horror of family separation. I call on you to direct your administration to take urgent action to reunite children who are still, tragically, separated from their loved ones and rescind the incredibly dangerous policies that have violated the fundamental right to seek asylum in the United States and put countless lives at risk.

While there is much to tackle in the early days of your presidency, I hope that you will prioritize ending one of the great tragedies from the previous administration’s immigration policies as soon as possible.


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