#LetScienceLead | Physicians for Human Rights


Join us: Add your name to demand a national mask mandate.

The United States has hit a grim milestone: 200,000 confirmed deaths from COVID-19. Many of these deaths, according the scientific community, were preventable. National leaders knew about the danger and lethality of COVID-19. But they downplayed those dangers and managed the federal response with reckless abandon. That is why we’re calling on the public to join us in demanding a national mask mandate in the United States. 

Will the leaders of the United States #LetScienceLead and save lives? Or will they put partisan politics before people?

Without a coordinated science-based public health response to the pandemic, we will see more and more preventable deaths. It’s past time for U.S. politicians and leaders to take definitive action. And now we must demand that action. Join us by adding your name today.