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End Medical Misinformation Now

End Medical Misinformation Now

Doctors who spread medical misinformation, putting lives at risk, must face the consequences of their actions: they must lose their ability to practice medicine. Please join Physicians for Human Rights and demand that their licenses be revoked today.

To the Federation of State Medical Boards,

During a public health crisis like the one we are currently experiencing, it is imperative that the public trusts health care providers. This trust is irrevocably undermined when health care professionals speak half-truths and spread lies about the very real dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic and the safety of the vaccines. This vocal minority has taken to social media to promote their medical misinformation.

We applaud the step you took in noting that physicians who spread misinformation should be at risk for having their license revoked. I stand with Physicians for Human Rights in asking you to further press member boards to begin revoking the licenses of health care professionals spreading misinformation during a deadly pandemic.

We urge you to work with your member boards to immediately investigate and remove the licenses of these misinformation spreaders before they can do more harm.