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Demand Investigation and Accountability in Myanmar (Burma)

Since August 2017, the Myanmar military’s campaign of extreme violence against Rohingya Muslims has forced an estimated 650,000 Rohingya civilians into neighboring Bangladesh. Refugee accounts, documented physical injuries, and satellite imagery have presented the world with incontrovertible evidence that these men, women, and children fled unimaginable atrocities, including indiscriminate killing, rape, and the burning and destruction of their villages.

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There is something you can do today to help. Urge your congressional representatives to pass the Burma Human Rights and Freedom Act of 2017 (S.2060) and the Burma Unified through Rigorous Military Accountability Act of 2017 (H.R.4223) to support accountability for atrocities committed against the Rohingya, authorize assistance to entities that document evidence of abuse, and impose targeted sanctions against the senior officials responsible.

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Dear [Senator/Representative],

I am alarmed by the deteriorating humanitarian crisis and ruthless campaign of violence against Rohinyga Muslims in Myanmar that has led to the flight of more than 650,000 men, women, and children into Bangladesh since August 2017. The United States must demand an immediate end to the longstanding marginalization and persecution of the Rohingya minority, and sanction those responsible for past and ongoing atrocities.

Myanmar authorities continue to ignore decades of institutionalized discrimination against the Rohingya and to deny wrongdoing by state security forces. Previous investigations by Physicians for Human Rights and other highly credible organizations detailed increasing threats to bodily security, limited access to health care, and restrictions on freedom of movement for Rohingya in northern Rakhine state.

There is a critical need for impartial investigation of the most recent state-sponsored violations in Rakhine state, which include summary executions, sexual violence, mass shootings, arbitrary arrests, and arson. These violations rise to the level of crimes against humanity and possibly genocide, yet independent investigators and human rights monitors continue to be denied access to Myanmar. The United States and other governments must undertake bold, decisive action to protect the rights of ethnic minorities in Myanmar and to exert pressure on Myanmar authorities to comply with their obligations under international law.

I urge you to support passage of the bipartisan [Burma Human Rights and Freedom Act of 2017 (S.2060) / Burma Unified through Rigorous Military Accountability Act of 2017  (H.R.4223)]. This bill requires the Secretary of State to submit a report on ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, and genocide perpetrated against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar; imposes targeted sanctions against senior military officers responsible for human rights abuses; and authorizes assistance for criminal investigations, transitional justice mechanisms, and entities that document, collect, preserve, and protect evidence. Strong action is urgently needed to prevent further suffering by this persecuted community; if you haven’t already, please co-sponsor this bill now to demonstrate your support.

Documenting the atrocities committed against civilians in Myanmar and leveraging instruments of accountability are essential to promote justice and end the persecution of the Rohingya people. Please pass this bill and make clear that the United States stands with victims and survivors of state-sponsored violence and human rights abuse.



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